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LF Lessons ETSchool evaluation research has found the biggest difference between typical schools and exemplary schools is how and when teachers plan. Learning-Focused Lessons provides teachers with a framework for planning purposeful lessons that are engaging and challenging for all students. The Learning-Focused Lesson plan provides teachers with an instructional model for planning challenging learning goals and instruction that intentionally connects the most effective research-based strategies and exemplary practices for maximizing learning. Teachers plan for learning rather than content coverage, which is the method for planning in exemplary schools.

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Learning-Focused is the fundamental workshop that provides schools with a common planning framework that increases teacher effectiveness and accelerates learning by focusing instruction on how students learn and whether students learn. The framework ensures that the top research-based strategies and exemplary practices are purposefully connected in every lesson.

Workshop Essential Question: How do you use exemplary lessons to increase teaching effectiveness?

Participants will Learn the… Participants will Understand… Participants will Apply what they Learn to…
  • Characteristics of effective teaching practices.
  • Rationale for using a common lesson planning framework.
  • Importance of connecting specific research-based strategies and exemplary practices in lessons:
  • Higher Order Thinking Strategies
  • Summarizing Strategies
  • Essential Question
  • Vocabulary Strategies
  • Advance Organizers
  • Non-Verbal Representations
  • Formative Assessments
  • Activating Strategies
  • Demonstrating
  • Distributed Guided Practice
  • Distributed Summarizing
  • Assignments
  • Engagement Strategies
  • Lesson plans are written for instructional purposes: to be followed when delivering instruction.
Exemplary lessons are purposefully planned in order to provide students with engaging and challenging instruction.
  • Plan and implement effectiveLearning-Focused lessons that connect research-based strategies and exemplary practices.
  • Develop Lesson Essential Questions from learning goals to guide instruction and provide students with a purpose for their learning.
  • Plan Activating Strategies that engage students, link prior knowledge to new concepts, build background knowledge and preview key vocabulary.
  • Select and use Graphic Organizers to guide students with learning new concepts, organizing information, and completing writing assignments.
  • Plan and implement learning activities that integrate research-based strategies, collaborative pairs, formative assessments, and assignments to actively engage students with recalling and representing new concepts.
  • Select and use distributed Summarizing Strategies to collect evidence of learning throughout the lesson and at the end of the lesson to answer the Lesson Essential Question.
Essential Question: Why plan Learning-Focused Lessons?
  • Participants will identify the components and the underlying purpose of each component of the Learning-Focused Lesson Plan.
Essential Question: How do you plan and communicate clear learning goals with Lesson Essential Questions?
  • Participants will develop Lesson Essential Questions that communicate learning goals.
Essential Question: How do you plan and use Activating Strategies to prepare students for learning?
  • Participants will select and plan an Activating Strategy for a lesson.
Essential Question: How do you plan and use learning strategies in Lesson Instruction to engage students and maximize learning?
  • Participants will organize their Lesson Instruction using graphic organizers, Learning Activities, Collaborative Pairs, assessments for learning, and assignments.
Essential Question: How do you plan and use Summarizing Strategies to collect evidence of learning?
  • Participants will select and plan a Summarizing Strategy for a lesson.
Essential Question: How do you effectively teach a well-planned Learning-Focused Lesson?
  • Participants will review the lesson to ensure that the top five research-based strategies that impact achievement are planned and connected.
The Four Dimensions of Exemplary Practice provide the framework, knowledge and skills required for truly effective teaching and deep learning by students. Learning-Focused Lessons is the cornerstone of the Effective Teaching Dimension. Learning-Focused Lessons connects the most effective strategies and practices for learning in each and every lesson.

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Learning-Focused Lessons is the fundamental workshop that provides schools with a common planning framework that ensures that the top research-based strategies and exemplary practices are planned for and purposefully connected in every lesson. It provides teachers with a common vocabulary and thought process for planning effective lessons. Each subsequent professional development builds on and enhances effective use of this planning framework. Without the planning framework, research-based strategies may be implemented randomly with little effect on learning.





Learning-Focused Lessons direct planning and instruction on HOW students learn and WHETHER students learn the concepts and skills they are expected to acquire. Teachers become more effective by purposefully connecting the top research-based learning strategies and exemplary practices in every lesson. Through consistent and pervasive implementation, teachers will accelerate student learning with Learning-Focused Lessons through higher engagement, research-based learning activities, and grade level appropriate expectations. 
The new generation of standards require students to have access to high levels of learning expectations and requirements for analyzing and applying thinking skills. Learning-Focused Lessons equips teachers with a framework and instructional strategies to make that vision a reality for all students.

To be successful in college and careers, all students must be taught complex academic content, taught to analyze content using higher order thinking strategies, and taught to apply what they learn to build new understanding. Learning-Focused is the foundation for planning exemplary lessons that challenge and engage students. With the expectations of the 21st century workplace, students are expected to analyze and apply their learning to real-life situations, problems, and challenges. The learning activities teachers plan in Learning-Focused Lessons integrate research-based strategies that teach students to recall and represent new concepts successfully, requirements for being able to analyze information and apply their knowledge to solve problems and generate new ideas.

Every Learning-Focused workshop is research-based and more importantly evidence-based. Each workshop provides specific knowledge and skills that have shown to have a positive impact on student outcomes through implementation in classrooms throughout the country. It is based on real teachers affecting real students. Review of Learning-Focused
Learning-Focused is a Model. Research shows that professional development based on a model that promotes teaching strategies and practices that are consistent with effective teachers (evidence-based) provides teachers the ability to translate those principles into adapted applications. By developing this kind of knowledge teachers are better able to solve identified issues about student outcomes in their particular teaching situations. At Learning-Focused our message is ADAPT, Don’t ADOPT! Review of Learning-Focused
At Learning-Focused, we understand that affecting change within the classroom or school is not completed at the end of the workshop.
Learning-Focused trainers will continue to provide support to you and your staff after the workshop is over. In addition, we strongly encourage schools to schedule conference days to allow the Learning-Focused trainer to sit down with you and your staff and discuss how the implementation process is going and to provide suggestions.
Review of Learning-Focused
Using knowledgeable experts is necessary to develop the kinds of new knowledge and skills associated with positive outcomes for students. All Learning-Focused Trainers have the expertise and experience to effectively impact the knowledge and skills of you and your staff. Learning-Focused workshops maintain over a 97% satisfaction rate and we guarantee all workshops.

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