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“Research consistently shows that teaching is the single most important school-based factor in a student’s academic growth.”Center for Education Policy Research, Harvard University

Teachers are the number one factor that determines student achievement. All teachers want to be the best they can be for their students. They want to be sure they are using the most effective strategies and practices with their students. They want their classrooms to be places where students are actively engaged in meaningful, relevant, and challenging grade-level learning every day. They want to be responsive to the wide range of learning needs so every student can reach their highest potential.

With an instructional framework specifically designed for effective teaching, teachers will have a structure for purposeful planning with effective and engaging teaching that results in the most effective lessons where all students are highly successful. With the Learning-Focused Instructional Framework, teachers will have the support to be highly effective and the freedom to unleash their professional teaching strengths, ensuring the highest academic success of their students.

Learning-Focused is the instructional framework that education has been missing.”Wake County, NC

Teaching is a complex endeavor – much more so than rocket science! Teacher evaluations detail dozens of strategies and practices that teachers should know and be able to do. With every new educational book, newsletter, journal article, webinar, course or professional development session, teachers learn more and more approaches they could be using. With so many pieces in the “education puzzle”, teachers can easily become overwhelmed, overloaded with information, and fragmented in their efforts. Many schools have teachers that are working really hard, with great passion for their profession, but are not getting the results they want. Student achievement goes up and down, but just doesn’t sky rocket to the top and stay there. If this sounds familiar, then the Learning-Focused Instructional Framework is the perfect solution to getting the bounce you need to attain and sustain higher achievement.

“The most important factor affecting student learning is the teacher. More can be done to improve education by improving the effectiveness of teachers than by any other single factor.”
Sanders, W. L., & Rivers, J. C. (1996). Cumulative and residual effects of teachers on future student academic achievement

With Learning-Focused Instructional Framework, teachers purposefully focus on how their students will meet or exceed grade level expectations, how they will increase the use and application of Higher Order Thinking, and how to apply research-based and evidence-based strategies and practices that personalize the curriculum for every student.

The Learning-Focused Instructional Framework provides teachers the skills, knowledge and resources that increase teaching effectiveness and accelerate learning for all students. Plan and teach lessons you believe in!

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Why is a framework better?

“Without some scheme for putting research-based strategies together in a meaningful way, lessons wind up resembling a complicated pile of junk.”  

– Goodwin and Hubbell

school improvement instructional frameworkA study was conducted to discover the effects of boundaries and the impact they have on human nature. Two areas were created – one area that had no boundary and one that had a boundary. In the scenario without boundaries, the participants remained huddled near each other, fearful of leaving, getting lost, or missing out. In the scenario with boundaries, participants exhibited drastically different behaviors. They felt free to explore within the given boundaries. The overwhelming conclusion was that when given certain limitations, participants felt free to explore.

An instructional framework provides boundaries that are flexible yet unleash teachers’ creativity and professionalism, allowing them to be their most effective. Even though teachers will have freedom to teach with their individual styles with a framework, you will see amazing things from your students because you know that as long as teachers stay within the framework, you will reach the ultimate destination – student learning and understanding of your content.

You will see amazing things from your students along the way because you know as long as you stay within the framework you will reach the ultimate destination – achievement growth and high proficiency.

“When we started using the framework it raised the expectations for teachers and students. We will never go back to the Monday-Friday lessons we used to plan. The framework provides us with what we need to chunk the content and plan the learning strategies and engagement strategies that are needed to effectively teach our students. When we plan with the framework we gain more engaging activators, vocabulary strategies, lesson instruction, summarizers and assessments that lead to even more rigorous grade level assignments that all of our students, even those who struggle the most, can succeed at!”

-Douglas County GA

school achievement gains

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What happens when students have great teachers?

When students have highly effective, great teachers, the result is clear – they achieve more! The Center for Education said that “research consistently shows that teaching is the single most important school-based factor in a student’s academic growth.” On average, each teacher impacts 3,000 children over the course of their career.

The impact of having highly effective teachers is a remarkable and long lasting effect on students.

Good to Great

“Not only does teacher quality matter when it comes to how much students learn, but also that, for better or worse, a teacher’s effectiveness stays with students for years to come”.
Mendro, R., Weerasinghe, D., Dosher, R. and Fischer, J. Longitudinal Effects of a … Language Proficiency presented at the Annual Meeting of AERA, (April, 1998)

All students must be successful with today’s new generation of standards, and with over half of the standards expecting students to analyze, evaluate, and problem solve, teachers need to have clear plans for instructing at high levels. With a framework specifically designed for high performance teaching, over 90% of your students will meet or exceed grade-level standards.

“In an age where everyone is looking for the next best thing, Learning-Focused provides the vehicle to take your teachers to the next level.” – Angela Porter, State of Delaware

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How can all of your teachers be effective?

“The #1 difference between exemplary schools and typical schools is how and when teachers plan.”  -2004-2005 Evaluation Consortium

The Learning-Focused Instructional Framework provides a structure for consistently planning and using specific strategies and specialized practices personalized to each teacher’s particular approach and students. The framework unleashes teachers professional capabilities and provides a focus on building achievement growth for all students.

“Becoming an exemplary teacher is not a matter of chance, it is a matter of the choices we make; it is not something that simply comes with years of experience, it is something that must be purposefully achieved.”Robert John Meehan
With Learning-Focused Instructional Frameworkk, teachers …

  • intentionally focus on grade level expectations
  • increase the use and application of Higher Order Thinking strategies
  • motivate and engage all students
  • personalize instruction.

Learning-Focused Instructional Framework ensures consistent and pervasive planning of purposeful lessons that meet or exceed the demands of the new generation of standards. Higher Order Thinking is integrated throughout every lesson and personalized instruction for all students enables them to be successful with rigorous learning. The framework not only builds achievement growth but sustains the growth through the purposeful work of your great teachers!

Quality teacher
For successful implementation of the framework, you will learn it in 3 stages:

The-High-Performance-LessonThe first stage, The High Performance Learning-Focused Lesson, is the foundation of the planning framework. The High Performance Learning-Focused Lesson is the road map that connects standards to actual student learning.

As one teacher said “As a team we were given common planning time, but we all planned differently and even used different vocabulary for different lesson components. Our time was not maximized to say the least! I guess you can say without a road map we tended to just wander around and never got anywhere. The Learning-Focused Lesson plan has totally changed how we think, talk, and interact with each other in our planning meetings. We leave with a sense of accomplishments because we know our lessons really work with our students and we will end up with successful learning.”

The foundation of the High Performance Learning-Focused Lesson immediately increases the effectiveness of all teachers.

The High Performance Learning-Focused Lesson…

  • provides a framework for planning standards-driven lessons.
  • ensures that lessons focus on how students learn and whether students learn, no coverage or test prep.
  • purposefully connects research-based strategies to provide maximum achievement gains.
  • builds-in strategies for engaging and challenging students.
  • provides a direct connection between research and application.
  • defines a path so teachers can unleash their professional abilities.

Teaching-with-Higher-Order-Thinking-and-RigorThe second stage, Teaching with Higher Order Thinking and Rigor in Mind, provides the resources and tools needed to plan purposeful rigorous lessons by focusing on advancing students through the four Levels of Learning in every lesson.  Using the foundation learned in The High Performance Learning-Focused Lesson teachers shift the planning focus to include higher level activities, grade-level assignments, and instruction that is focused on the Higher Order Thinking strategies.

Teaching with Higher Order Thinking and Rigor in Mind….

  • exceeds the expectations of today’s standards by making Higher Order Thinking a main emphasis of every lesson.
  • provides a blueprint for moving students through the 4 Levels of Learning
  • defines specific practices for developing rigorous, high quality assignments
  • ensures consistently high expectations for every students
  • provides a direct connection between research and application
  • A clear pathway for having rigorous lessons for all students

Accelerating-Learning-for-All-StudentsThe third stage, Accelerating Learning for All Students, is an Acceleration model for proactively planning and teaching content and concepts using specific strategies and practices that result in all students learning grade level content faster, more effectively, and at a much higher level than is found in typical schools.

Accelerating Learning for All Students builds on the Learning-Focused Lesson by providing teachers with an efficient process for identifying points in each lesson where students struggle or need more challenge, and to provide teachers with a framework for determining learning activities that best address each student’s needs at each identified point.

Accelerating Learning for All Students…

  • provides a systematic support for struggling students so they can learn grade level concepts
  • challenges all students to learn at a high level
  • is a process for identifying struggle and challenge points in each lesson, with strategies and practices to address them.
  • provides a clear path to move beyond remediation
  • makes a direction connection between research and application
  • catches struggling students up!

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With Learning-Focused Instructional Framework: Lessons You Believe In! ….

  • Teachers are extraordinarily effective and engaging
  • Students learn grade level concepts and skills
  • Students apply Higher Order Thinking strategies and processes effectively, strategically and independently
  • All students receive relevant support and challenge based on individual needs
  • School leaders provide high levels of support and accountability
  • Teachers apply an Exemplary Lesson Framework to instruction
  • Teachers plan collaboratively
  • Lessons are standards driven and backward designed (planning with the end in mind)
  • Teachers plan rigorous grade level assignments that integrate comprehension, writing, and higher order thinking
  • Lessons cultivate a learner-centered culture

4 options for implementing Learning-Focused Instructional Framework:

* Investment is an estimate based on 30 teachers and 4 administrators.
Professional Development occurs over 1-3 years based on your specific plans and goals. Investment estimate is an example. Actual investment may vary.

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