Mechanicsburg Area School District

Superintendent: Mr. Joseph Hood
Mechanicsburg, PA

Fall 2009
Recognized for exceptional implementation in the areas od Curriculum with outstanding Student Learning Maps, Instruction featuring the use of Advance Organizers, Vocabulary Instruction and Acquisition Lesons, and priority given to team-based and individual planning linked to staff development.

John Bassett Moore Intermediate School

Principal: Derek Prillaman
Smyrna, DE

Fall 2009
John Bassett Moore Intermediate School is recognized for outstanding leadership, in addition to the exemplary practices of organizing, planning, and instruction.  The school’s leadership team, which includes administrators and coaches, meet regularly to determine “next steps” for Learning-Focused implementation and to discuss how to best support teachers in this process.  Manageable goals are set to focus walkthroughs and are clearly communicated to teachers.  Administrators have worked diligently to provide extra planning time for teachers to develop plans for units and lessons.  Administrators have even developed a schedule where they will relieve classrooms 1-2 times a week so that teachers can have extra time for planning.  Extra collaborative planning time has also been made available and scheduled for teachers to stay after school and get paid a stipend.  To support the exemplary practice of “organizing” a schedule for previewing and acceleration for struggling learners is already in place and being used effectively to support classroom instructional practices.  Additionally, there is evidence that teachers are using graphic organizers consistently and pervasively across the grade levels and throughout the school.  John Bassett Moore Intermediate School has effectively adapted the Learning-Focused Strategies Model to positively impact student performance and achievement. 

Kissimmee Elementary School

Principal: Dr. Ken Meyers
Kissimmee, FL

Spring 2009
Recognized for Leadership with a consistent and pervasive emphasis on conferencing and monitoring and walkthroughs. Kissimmee Elementary School is also nominated for standards-driven Collaborative Unit and Lesson Planning. 

Sugar Creek Charter School

Director: Cheryl Turner
Charlotte, NC

Fall 2009
Recognized for exceptional implementation of the Learning-Focused School Improvement Model in the areas of Prioritized Curriculum, Benchmarks, Student Learning Maps, and Planning.

Red Mill Elementary School

Principal: Michael Zang
Etters, PA

Spring 2009
Recognized for Leadership with a consistent and pervasive emphasis on monitoring and walkthroughs and willingness to share implementation ideas/experiences with other schools and districts. 

Winter Springs Elementary School

Principal: Michelle Morrison
Winter Springs, FL

Spring 2009
Recognized for consistent and pervasive implementation in the following areas:  Leadership, Organization (Vertical and Grade Level Teaming, Large Blocks of Time, Literacy and Math Blocks), Assessment (Use of Formative Assessment - development of benchmark assessments that mirror FCAT, Assessment for Learning, Assessment that directs Planning/Instruction), Instruction (Vocabulary Instructions, Essential Questions, Activating Strategies, Graphic Organizers, Collaborative Pairs, Summarizing Strategies, EATS Lessons, Extending Thinking Activities/Assignments) Curriculum (K-12 Benchmarks/Maps, Student Learning Maps with Vocabulary), Planning (Priority, Time Allocated, Data & Results Driven, Team-Based & Individual Planning times, Linked to Staff Development). 

Ben Franklin Elementary School

Principal: Rose Sampson
Harrisburg, PA

Spring 2009
Recognized for the following areas:  Leadership and Writing. Ben Franklin Elementary reached AYP status in FY08.  Principal Sampson visited a Learning-Focused school outside of Atlanta and thought, “if they can have that kind of success there, we can do it here at Ben Franklin.”  The very next year, they began the process in earnest and made AYP.  Common unit and lesson plans based on state standards are the norm in every classroom. The administrative team monitors instruction using the 5x5 model and to ensure that research based strategies are being used to deliver instruction.  The school is child-centered with all students beginning in Kindergarten expected to write every day in every subject. At Ben Franklin Elementary collaborative planning, professional development, modeling and scheduling for the needs of students are consistent and pervasive.

Elmwood Elementary School

Principal: John McIntosh
Mechanicsburg, PA

Fall 2008
Recognized for the exemplary use of Student Learning Maps and Lesson Essential Questions. Elmwood Elementary School teachers adapt the use of Student Learning Maps in numerous ways including bulletin boards, individual maps for students and progressive additions as the maps were being taught. Lesson Essential Questions were posted and referred to by the teachers throughout the lesson. Students were comfortable with the use of Lesson Essential Questions as a part of the learning process.

Camden County Schools

Superintendent: Dr. William C. Hardin
Kingsland, GA

Fall 2008
Recognized for Leadership . This is reflected in planning, organization, curriculum, assessment and instruction.  “Consistent and pervasive” applies to all classrooms and evidence of exemplary Learning-Focused implementation is found in every school in the district.

Indian Trail Middle School

Principal: Tammy Pearce
Johnson City Schools
Johnson City, TN

Spring 2008
Recognized for their exemplary implementation and integration of Planning, Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment.