Learning-Focused Strategies: Training of Trainers (5 Day): LF Training Center with TCI

Note: This page is for individuals applying for the Next Generation of
LEARNING-FOCUSED Strategies who HAVE NOT attended the Trainers and Coaches Institute.  If you have previously attended the Trainers and Coaches Institute, please apply here.

After you have completed the four Next Generation of LEARNING-FOCUSED Strategies workshops (all 4 days prior to session) you are eligible to attend a LEARNING-FOCUSED Training of Trainers Institute.

The prerequisite workshops are:


Higher Order Thinking: Increasing the Rigor of LEARNING-FOCUSED Lessons

Effective Assignments and Assessments

Accelerating Learning for All Students

If you have completed all four of the LEARNING-FOCUSED Version 7 workshops you may complete the 2-Day Update to the Next Generation of LEARNING-FOCUSED in lieu of the four full Next Generation of LEARNING-FOCUSED workshops.

The Training of Trainers Institute provides you with the materials (resources, notes, presentations, and more), experiences and knowledge to be able to redeliver the 4 Next Generation of LEARNING-FOCUSED workshops in your school or district for 12 months. This training is rigorous, incorporating practice in redelivering the content, evaluating lessons and units, and conferencing. Potential trainers should feel confident in their content knowledge prior to registering for this session.

If you have not completed the LEARNING-FOCUSED Trainers and Coaches Institute you will need to do so within 12 months of the completion of your Training of Trainers session. This will provide you with access to the Next Generation of LEARNING-FOCUSED presentations for the duration of the product. Click here to register.

If you have completed the LEARNING-FOCUSED Trainers and Coaches Institute as a certified Trainer for Version 7 of LEARNING-FOCUSED Strategies, you will not have to do so again. Click here to register.



Application Process for this Institute

Registration does not automatically ensure your acceptance into the institute. Training of Trainers sessions have an additional application process for participants. You will receive an email containing a link to complete the online Training of Trainers application. Once your application is submitted and approved, your registration and payment will be processed. This session has several prerequisites, as listed above. Registrations are accepted on a full-payment, first-come, first-served basis only. Confirmations are emailed to a registrant’s email address within 2 weeks after processing of registration. Application communications are generally sent within one week of submission.

Note: If you do not receive a confirmation email letter, please call 866-955-3276 to determine the status of your registration.  Payment method is required when registering. If using a Purchase Order, please send it with your registration. Allow 1-2 weeks to process registration. You will receive a confirmation letter and additional information via email.

do not make travel arrangements until you have received your registration confirmation and application approval from LEARNING-FOCUSED.  We recommend against booking non-refundable flights due to the fact circumstances can change for LEARNING-FOCUSED or you between now and the workshop date.

Prerequisites and Understanding

LEARNING-FOCUSED Understanding 1: This Training of Trainers is a LEARNING-FOCUSED Institute.  It is implied that all sessions will include LEARNING-FOCUSED vocabulary and attributes. If you are new to LEARNING-FOCUSED there are other sessions that are designed for you.

LEARNING-FOCUSED Understanding 2: Each participant in full day or half day workshops you redeliver for your school/district must have their own copy of the appropriate Next Generation of LEARNING-FOCUSED book required by that workshop.

Prerequisite 1: Participants are required to have successfully completed all four sessions of the Next Generation of LEARNING-FOCUSED workshops.

Prerequisite 2: Each participant in the 5 Day Next Generation of LEARNING-FOCUSED Training of Trainers is required to bring a completed LEARNING-FOCUSED Lesson Plan (it can be the one you created in the LEARNING-FOCUSED Lessons workshop). You will also need to have your plan for Previewing and Accelerating the lesson. Your lesson must be approved by the workshop facilitator before you are cleared to redeliver the Next Generation of LEARNING-FOCUSED workshops. A copy of your lesson will be shared electronically with your facilitator at the conclusion of the training. Your lesson must be approved by your trainer in order for you to be certified to redeliver the LEARNING-FOCUSED Strategies workshops.

Qualifications for Certification to Redeliver

Prior to receiving certification and the materials necessary for redelivery, each participant will need to meet a standard of quality with their lesson, preparation, and demonstrated knowledge of LEARNING-FOCUSED. Refunds and credits will not be provided to participants not meeting the minimum standards, and LEARNING-FOCUSED reserves the right to deny and/or revoke certification and recall materials. In addition, LEARNING-FOCUSED reserves the right to require a trainer to conduct additional professional development at his/her own expense in order to receive certification. Attendance at all sessions of the Training of Trainers workshop is mandatory. Any participant missing a day will need to attend another Training of Trainers session in its entirety at the full workshop fee.

Register By: August 04, 2014

Workshop: Learning-Focused Strategies: Training of Trainers (5 Day)

Location: Learning-Focused Training Center 606 Millwood School Road Greensboro, NC 27409

Lodging: Click Here

Presenter: To Be Determined

  • Includes materials and registration fee for Training of Trainers and Trainers and Coaches Institute.

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