What are the Benefits For Teachers?

 helps teachers make decisions about:

  • Deciding what to teach

  • Using what you already know to teach your best

  • Connecting and using the most important practices/strategies in every lesson

  • Helping your administration observe and understand your professional teaching practices

  • Finding instructional time for higher level thinking activities/lessons

  • Quickly assessing student learning

  • Differentiating instruction easily

  • Quickly building background knowledge and moving students from where they are

  • Accelerating learning

  • Integrating writing, reading comprehension, and higher level thinking

  • Focusing on key vocabulary and good vocabulary strategies


“I would like you to know that I have never seen or used such a powerful philosophy packaged in a unit that can bring about so much change in a teacher’s approach to teaching and breaks down the barriers of the “myth” of what we are working to help students learn.”

- Highland Elementary, West Shore School District, PA

“I have worked in a school that embraced Learning-Focused and produced outstanding test results and student achievement, while the teacher morale and enthusiasm was very positive. I have also worked in a school that did not use Learning-Focused and they had horrific state test scores, poor morale, and under-achieving students. It is clear to me that the old “Stand and Deliver” approach to teaching does not work today. Learning-Focused seems to ‘hit the nail on the head’ when it comes to brain research and student success. I’m thoroughly won over.”

-Southern Delaware School of the Arts, Indian River School District, DE

“We rated top in the in learning gains in math and reading. We jumped from a C school to an A school in one year with Learning-Focused!”

-Wildwood Middle School, Sumter County School District, FL