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Learning-Focused Lessons Flipchart

The LEARNING-FOCUSED Lessons Flipchart provides quick access to strategies for planning purposeful lessons that are engaging and challenging for all students and for planning challenging learning goals and instruction that intentionally connects the most effective research-based strategies and exemplary practices for maximizing learning.

It is a great standalone resource, or supplement to the LEARNING-FOCUSED Lessons Book.

Benefits of Learning-Focused Professional Development

Why LEARNING-FOCUSED Professional Development?

  • Review of Learning-Focused Solutions Professional Development ReviewsEvery LEARNING-FOCUSED workshop is research-based and more importantly evidence-based. Each workshop provides specific knowledge and skills that have shown to have a positive impact on student outcomes through implementation in classrooms throughout the country. It is based on real teachers affecting real students.
  • LEARNING-FOCUSED is a Model. Research shows that professional development based on a model that promotes teaching strategies and practices that are consistent with effective teachers (evidence-based) provides teachers the ability to translate those principles into adapted applications. By developing this kind of knowledge teachers are better able to solve identified issues about student outcomes in their particular teaching situations. At LEARNING-FOCUSED our message is ADAPT, Don't ADOPT!  
  • Using knowledgeable experts is necessary to develop the kinds of new knowledge and skills associated with positive outcomes for students. All LEARNING-FOCUSED Trainers have the expertise and experience to effectively impact the knowledge and skills of you and your staff. LEARNING-FOCUSED workshops maintain over a 97% satisfaction rate and we guarantee all workshops.
  • Elizabeth Sima - Principal - Talking about Support At LEARNING-FOCUSED, we understand that affecting change within the classroom or school is not completed at the end of the workshop. LEARNING-FOCUSED trainers will continue to provide support to you and your staff after the workshop is over. In addition, we strongly encourage schools to schedule conference days to allow the Learning-Focused trainer to sit down with you and your staff and discuss how the implementation process is going and to provide suggestions. 



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