Learning-focused_Teachers_Academy_page_1Students in schools with a Learning-Focused Teachers Academy have a distinct advantage for maximizing their learning and potential by virtue that their teachers are provided the unique opportunity to evolve and grow into master educators.

Ask any parent what has made the biggest difference in a child’s education, and you will not hear about textbooks, programs or even school board policies. Inevitably you will hear stories about effective teachers who unleashed a child’s potential as a learner and leader. In an era of tight budgets, it is crucial that educational leaders put their dollars where they will get the greatest return on the investment, and nothing has a greater impact than effective teaching. For over 25 years, Learning-Focused has been at the leading edge for the most important initiative a school or district can implement – ensuring solid curriculum and effective instruction in every classroom.

Empower your teachers with the innovative courses, dynamic training, and transformative coaching of The Learning-Focused Teachers Academy.

With The Teachers Academy, Your Teachers Will Be Empowered To…

  • Plan and Deliver higher quality lessons and assignments
  • Increase student success through implementing Exemplary Practices
  • Focus on the Standards
  • Plan lessons that interest and challenge students to think critically
  • Integrate Higher Order Thinking throughout every lesson
  • Catch students up through embedded strategies for Acceleration
  • Be innovative without fear
  • Collaborate as teams to plan and instruct, meeting the needs of all students
  • Raise their expectations of students

  • Cultivating_Exemplary_Teachers_HeaderAs with any profession, it is essential for teachers to continuously advance their skills, training and knowledge to meet all of the complex demands on them and their students. With The Learning-Focused Teachers Academy teachers will build upon their prior education and experiences to acquire new skills and knowledge. The Learning-Focused Teachers Academy advantage provides your teachers with skills and knowledge that are current and relevant in today’s schools, with today’s students, and with today’s high expectations.

    Providing your teachers with continuing education through the Learning-Focused Teachers Academy ensures that they are benefiting from the most current and effective research-based and evidence-based practices known. The Learning-Focused Teachers Academy is essential for teachers to grow academically by gaining up-to-date knowledge that allows them to stay professionally fit and aware.

    Learn_More p2With the Learning-Focused Teachers Academy, teachers will stay abreast of the most innovative and effective strategies. The results will include boosting their teaching confidence and making them even more effective teachers for your students. Do not leave unanswered the challenge of providing teachers innovative professional development for integrating exemplary practices into their planning and instruction. With the Learning-Focused Teachers Academy, your teachers will gain knowledge and skills through research, evidence of best practices, and ongoing professional development that address the evolving needs of your students.

    Teachingp2Teaching is a complex endeavor that involves planning and organizing for instruction, implementing instruction effectively, and constantly monitoring and supporting student progress toward the learning goals, making adjustments as needed. Master teachers are so effective because they are life-long learners who are constantly deepening their knowledge and honing their skills in these key areas through professional development, collaboration, excellent resources, and high levels of support.


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    Planning and Organizing for Instruction
    Even though state and national standards determine what students should learn, master teachers are able to translate those standards into a plan for how students learn it. Master teachers intentionally plan instruction in a logical learning progression using high-leverage strategies and practices with the expectation that all students will achieve the learning goals. The Learning-Focused Teachers Academy provides the framework for planning the most effective lessons as well as the support and resources teachers need to stay organized and prepared in order to provide the best instruction possible.

    Implementing Instruction Effectively
    Master teachers not only plan effective lessons, but they implement their plans highly effectively. They use proven strategies to provide instruction that engages all learners and challenges them to think at high levels, providing assignments that are both rigorous and engaging. In the Learning-Focused Teachers Academy, teachers develop and practice their skills using techniques that involve all students as active participants in their learning.

    Monitoring and Supporting Student Progress
    Teacher_and_Studentp3Master teachers are proactive by anticipating when individual students will need additional support or additional challenge in their lessons. They plan measures in advance and make adjustments during instruction to ensure that all students are successfully learning. Master teachers continuously assess progress and provide meaningful feedback so students move forward in their learning.  The Learning-Focused Teachers Academy provides a framework that enables teachers to accomplish highly effective lessons that are supportive of all students and yet manageable for teachers with classrooms of diverse learners with a variety of learning needs.

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    Master teachers are continually striving to improve their effectiveness by engaging in coursework, reflecting on their practice, and actively participating in conversations about teaching and learning with colleagues.

    The Learning-Focused Teachers Academy provides the continuing education that is critical for your teachers to develop and implement new strategies and skills to enhance their instruction, become teacher leaders, and to prepare and inspire them to provide instruction that enables their students to reach greater levels of achievement.

    workshopp4Our years of experience with continuing education provides your teachers the opportunity to gain valuable knowledge and skills through complete, comprehensive, and proven methods for immersed understanding. Teachers will learn how to apply the latest research-based theories and concepts using innovative frameworks that make purposeful, effective teaching practical. With the Learning-Focused Teachers Academy, teachers will also have the opportunity to observe teachers model best practices in real classrooms, share experiences with other academy teachers, and access the vast professional resources within the academy.

    Continuing education for teachers is critically important to increase student achievement. Our practical curriculum, developed for classroom teachers, is designed so that they can immediately apply their new knowledge and skills. Given that the academy provides vast resources not limited to manuals, videos, example lessons, and much more, your teachers will always have the resources on hand as a reference to turn to again and again. Continuing education plays an important role in your teachers’ career development. Through the flexibility of onsite and online training and coaching, we can help your teachers balance their professional development and growth of knowledge and skills with all of their other commitments.

    Why should your teachers have access to the Learning-Focused Teachers Academy?

    Your Students Deserve the Best!

    The Learning-Focused Teachers Academy provides the tools, mentors, and hands-on experience your teachers need to become Master Teachers. Great teachers help create great students. In fact, research shows that an inspiring and informed teacher is the most important school-related factor influencing student achievement. Therefore, it is critical to provide continuing education, training, and support to both new and experienced educators.

    The best continuing education programs allow teachers the time to apply what they are learning in the context of teaching in a real classroom with professional, experienced support. With the Learning-Focused Teachers Academy, your teachers will experience direct support while they implement what they learn in their classrooms, making immediate improvements in student learning. Professional development best practices are designed to be ongoing, experiential, collaborative, and connected to and derived from working with students. The Learning-Focused Teachers Academy is completely designed with this premise serving as the foundation by which teachers evolve and grow professionally and student achievement improves exponentially.

    With our best-in-class mentoring and coaching, the Learning-Focused Teachers Academy allows us to help your teachers handle challenging classroom situations.

    With the Learning-Focused Teachers Academy, your good teachers become great teachers!

    Good_vs_Greatp4Over time, teaching can become routine and repetitive. By having the Learning-FocusedTeachers Academy in your building, your teachers will find that demanding more thoughtful and reflective instruction is both stimulating and refreshing, and leads to unrivaled classroom experiences.

    The Learning-Focused Teachers Academy adds credibility that is unequaled in your community. Parents and students will value that your school is committed to improving teaching and learning. Teaching, though rooted in tradition, is a vast field – there will always be something new to learn and discover. Providing effective professional development through the Learning-Focused Teachers Academy enables your teachers to focus on the best effective practices and stay on top of their game, which benefits both the educators and the students.

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    Based on Research, Grounded in Reality
    For more than 25 years, Learning-Focused has been providing exemplary professional development and has helped thousands of teachers increase their skills and knowledge-inspiring themselves and their students. In our Teachers Academy, teachers connect with national educational experts, master teachers, cutting-edge research, and exemplary practices.

    What makes the Learning-Focused Teachers Academy curriculum so powerful?

    Click here to learn more about Competency-Based and Proficiency-Based Learning
    Learning-Focused has built our reputation on meeting the needs of teachers to reach all of their students. As a result, the Teachers Academy curriculum is designed to address the most critical issues teachers face today, including lack of prior knowledge, vocabulary deficits, achievement gaps, lack of engagement, cycle of low expectations, lack of challenge, assignment-assessment gaps, lack of differentiation and personalization, inadequate reading comprehension and literacy knowledge, teachers as leaders, and more.
    The Teachers Academy curriculum takes research-based strategies and concepts, as well as evidence-based practices, and translates them into practical frameworks and techniques. Teachers will apply these to a variety of teaching situations.
    In addition to observing teachers using Exemplary Practices through classroom observations and videos, teachers actually engage in Exemplary Practices themselves during the Teachers Academy training and coaching because these practices are as effective with adult learners as they are with children. This combination of acquiring the knowledge and skills, learning through the use of the exact same Exemplary Practices, and observing the use of the Exemplary Practices with students reinforces the Teachers Academy curriculum.
    The Learning-Focused Teachers Academy is distinguished by its emphasis on practical application, high levels of support, and high levels of accountability. Teachers can apply what they learn immediately in their lessons with their students. As they try the strategies and practices, they will be encouraged to adapt them to meet the unique needs of their students.
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    The Teachers Academy provides exemplary practice frameworks, strategies, and resources to increase teaching effectiveness and to accelerate learning for all students. While each school has unique needs, characteristics, and goals, we have found that most schools achieve the best results when they follow this implementation sequence:

  • The_Learning-Focused_Teachers_Academy_Pricing_Header

    Choose from 3 different options for implementing the Learning-Focused Teachers Academy:

    Option 1: The Teachers Academy

    This is our most popular and supportive Teachers Academy for school-wide implementation of Exemplary Practices. The Teachers Academy provides teachers and administrators with 20 days of onsite training, coaching and walkthroughs as well as access to all of our online resources for reference, refreshing, collaboration, and planning:

    • 2 days of consecutive onsite professional development including training, coaching, and walkthroughs per month for 10 months (20 days onsite)
    • Learning-Focused PLC (online community, resources and courses)
    • Materials and Resources (books, flipcharts, manuals)
    • Annual investment the first 3 years =$68,500 +277/teacher and admin per year*
      (For example, a school with 33 teachers and 2 administrators = $77,641/year)

    Contact us to receive a quote for your school.

    Option 2: The Hybrid Teachers Academy

    Teachers and administrators will participate in the academy’s courses and coaching sessions both onsite and online in this alternative academy with 8 days of onsite training and coaching as well as access to our of our online resources:

    • 2 days of consecutive onsite professional development including training and coaching per month four times during the year (8 days onsite)
    • Learning-Focused PLC (online community, resources and courses)
    • Materials and Resources (books, flipcharts, manuals)
    • Annual investment the first 3 years =$29,500 +277/teacher and admin per year*
      (For example, a school with 33 teachers and 2 administrators = $38,641/year)

    Contact us to receive a quote for your school.

    Option 3: The Distance Learning Teachers Academy

    Distance learning with the Learning-Focused Teachers Academy is anything but distant. From the moment they start The Distance Learning Teachers Academy, teachers and administrators will have access to a wide range of resources and services to help make their learning experience meaningful and rewarding. With the Distance Learning Teachers Academy, teachers and administrators participate in the academy’s courses and coaching in cohorts completely online:

    • Learning-Focused Direct (online professional development courses)
    • LFS EngagED (online community and resources)
    • Materials and Resources (books, flipcharts, manuals)
    • Annual investment the first 3 years =$68,500 +277/teacher and admin per year*
      (For example, a school with 33 teachers and 2 administrators = $13,195/year)

    Contact us to receive a quote for your school.

    Increase school-wide performance by including additional onsite support for monitoring, walkthroughs, leadership advice, implementation evaluations, and coaching that have an immediate impact on student achievement and teaching effectiveness at reasonable pricing.

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