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If you are interested in having your teachers (or yourself!) become experts at using a specific research-based strategy or evidence-based practice, we have leading edge professional development and resources to empower you, and/or your teachers.

What are Exemplary Practices?

There are two major sources that determine exemplary practices:

  • strategies that are research-based, and
  • practices that are evidence-based.

By combining the practices that have the highest impact on achievement from both sources, educators are provided with practices that have been proven to be the most effective for learning and achievement.

Research-Based Strategies

Research proves that these strategies help raise student learning and achievement significantly.

The Top 8 Research-Based Strategies are:

Evidence-Based Practices

These are practices that significantly increase achievement in the real world, are identified by multiple school evaluations as practices commonly found in exemplary schools and are much less evident in typical schools.

Example Evidence-Based Practices include:

* Learning Goals
* Essential Questions
* Activating Strategies
* Distributed Assessment Prompts
(Formative Assessment)
* and more

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If you are implementing The Learning-Focused Instructional Framework, we have professional development and resources similar to these, but also focus on how they connect with what you are already doing. Click here to go to those.

The professional development and resources below are for stand alone implementation of the strategy or practice.

If you don’t already have an instructional framework, learn how The Learning-Focused Instructional Framework purposefully connects the top Exemplary Practices in every lesson!

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