High Quality Teaching
is Complex

There are hundreds of teaching strategies and practices every educator should know, and more are added with every new book, article, or school professional development. With so many pieces to the “education puzzle” it is easy to get overwhelmed… without an instructional framework.

instructional framework

High Quality Teaching Takes
More than One and Done

Consistently develop the highest quality teaching practices with a Distributed Professional Development model that:

  • allows for rich job-embedded learning
  • gives teachers time for mastering strategies and practices
  • continues teacher education monthly with included MicroPD Courses and Support Meetings

Symphonic Planning

What happens when teaching strategies are chosen completely purposefully? What are the learning results when teachers intentionally weave two strategies into a lesson? What about 5 or 6 or even 15 of the top learning strategies?  They are all good individually, but together they produce a symphony of learning power.

Symphonic Planning is identifying the separate strategies and envisioning the whole picture of how they relate and work together for the highest achievement.



Structure and Support
for Mastery 

The Learning-Focused Instructional Framework provides a structure and support to be highly effective AND the freedom to unleash professional teaching strengths, ensuring the highest academic success of their students.

The Learning-Focused Instructional Framework

  • A blueprint for consistently planning and using the most effective teaching strategies.
  • A purposeful focus on grade-level curriculum, assessments, and instruction.
  • The skills, knowledge and resources for increasing rigor and accelerating learning for all students.

With The Learning-Focused Instructional Framework

  • intentionally focus on grade level expectations
  • increase the purposeful use and application of the top learning strategies
  • motivate and engage all students
  • personalize instruction

Research consistently shows that teaching is the single most important school-based factor in a student’s academic growth.”


Customize The Learning-Focused Instructional Framework


We know every school is unique and has its own needs to achieve success. In order to rise to the various challenges individual schools may face, The Learning-Focused Instructional Framework is customized to address your needs and educational demands. How the framework is implemented, and which top strategies get the most focus, is customized to each teacher, team, school, and/or district.


This year our clients customized the framework to emphasize…

  • Rigor
  • Root Causes of Academic Failure to close Achievement Gaps
  • Teaching in High Poverty Schools
  • Personalizing Instruction
  • Literacy
  • Advancing Good Teaching to Great Teaching

The Learning-Focused Instructional Framework
…is Implemented in a Sequence

The High Performance Learning-Focused Lesson is the first Stage for implementing The Learning-Focused Instructional Framework.

The High Performance Learning-Focused Lesson is a process for planning standards-driven, backward design lessons.  With The Learning-Focused Lesson you will plan challenging grade-level learning goals, assignments, assessments, and instruction that purposefully connect the most effective research-based learning strategies and evidence-based exemplary learning practices for maximizing learning.

Increasing the Rigor of Learning-Focused Lessons: Higher Order Thinking, Reading and Writing is the second stage for implementing The Learning-Focused Instructional Framework.

Increasing the Rigor of Learning-Focused Lessons: Higher Order Thinking, Reading and Writing provides the strategies, tools, and resources for  integrating rigor into the Learning-Focused Lesson.  Build achievement growth and sustain high performance by increasing rigor and challenging  students to read, think, and write critically.

Accelerating Learning-Focused Lessons: Catching Kids Up! is the third Stage for implementing the Learning-Focused Instructional Framework.

Accelerating Learning-Focused Lessons: Catching Kids Up! integrates strategies and practices for differentiating learning and building individual achievement growth in High Performance Lessons. Provide the structure for consistently implementing specific acceleration practices for supporting struggling students so they can learn grade level concepts and skills during lessons, and for supporting students who need additional challenges.

Resources for The High Performance Learning-Focused Lesson

  • The High Performance Learning-Focused Lesson Book
  • The High Performance Learning-Focused Lesson Flipchart
  • Mapping Power Standards into Lessons Book
  • Teaching in High Poverty Schools Book
  • The School Leader’s Guide to Achieving Exemplary Lessons Book
  • Graphic Organizers that Increase Student Success Book
  • Graphic Organizer Poster Sets 
  • Coaching Teachers Guide Book
  • Training of Trainers Institute
  • Strategies in Action Books and Courses

Learn More About The High Performance Learning-Focused Lesson

Professional Development is available on all resources. Call 866-955-3276 or click here for your customized quote for purchasing resources or scheduling professional development.

Resources for Increasing the Rigor of Learning-Focused Lessons: Higher Order Thinking, Reading and Writing

  • Increasing the Rigor of Learning-Focused Lessons: Higher Order Thinking, Reading and Writing Book
  • Higher Order Thinking Flipchart
  • Increasing the Rigor of Learning-Focused Lessons Flipchart
  • Reading Comprehension Strategies Books and Flipcharts
  • Writing Books and Flipcharts
  • The School Leader’s Guide to Achieving Rigorous Lessons Book
  • Training of Trainers Institute
  • Strategies in Action Books and Courses
  • Anchor Chart Poster Sets

Learn More About Increasing the Rigor of Learning-Focused Lessons

Professional Development is available on all resources. Call 866-955-3276 or click here for your customized quote for purchasing resources or scheduling professional development.

Resources for Accelerating Learning-Focused Lessons: Catching Kids Up!

  • Accelerating Learning-Focused Lessons: Catching Kids Up! Book
  • Accelerating Learning for All Students Flipchart
  • The School Leader’s Guide to Acceleration Book
  • Differentiated Assignments Books and Flipcharts
  • Vocabulary Instruction Book and Flipchart
  • Training of Trainers Institute
  • Strategies in Action Books and Courses

Learn More About Accelerating Learning-Focused Lessons

Professional Development is available on all resources. Call 866-955-3276 or click here for your customized quote for purchasing resources or scheduling professional development.

3 Ways to Get Learning-Focused Professional Development

What our Clients are Saying

  • Teaching like a Learning-Focused school has made a significant impact over the years of steady improvements!Principal Becky Greene Blue Ridge Middle School, Greenville, SC Recipients of the Palmetto Gold award for overall performance and Palmetto Silver award for closing the achievement gap
  • Learning-Focused Strategies is the best model that we have used in years! The strategies that we have learned in the process have helped our teams develop stronger differentiated activities that appeal to a vast number of different learners. The Learning-Focused way gives ownership of learning to the student. It fosters growth in both the instructor and the learner.Mamie Lou Gross Elementary School, Camden County, GA
  • We rated top in the in learning gains in math and reading. We jumped from a C school to an A school in one year with Learning-Focused!Wildwood Middle School, Sumter County School District, FL
  • We have shown much improvement in the quality of instruction. Time on task has increased and “best practice” has been utilized throughout the school day. State assessments results have shown growth for Hispanic students especially. Greater emphasis on student centered activities, collaborative pairs, student assessment, and higher order learning goals have improved student achievement. Learning-Focused truly does improve student learning and assists with quality instruction in the classroom.Georgetown Elementary School, Indian River School District, DE
  • Thank you. The ongoing support from Learning-Focused has been invaluable to me and my students. After observing schools this year who do not use Learning-Focused, compared with those who do, I can see a major difference in student achievement and involvement, not a small accomplishment. Thank you for all the wonderful guidance and ideas.SLeon County Schools, FL
  • Implementation of the Learning Focused Model has taken our school from good to great. Student learning, and student learning alone, is driving every instructional decision made in the building. Teachers are cohesively organized in their professional vocabulary as well as their teaching strategies. Students move from grade to grade in our building with an understanding of the expectations and strategies they need to master state standards. We are looking forward to an increase in our state test scores.Jonathan Criswell, Principal, Trenton, TN
  • We have seen great gain in our ELA scores. I know it has to do with the Learning-Focused model of instruction. I hope to continue to see the Learning-Focused sessions offered in Atlanta. It is worth my own money to attend.Lyman Elementary, Spartanburg 5 School District, SC
  • First, the Learning-Focused Schools Model has proven to be an organizational tool for teachers to use as they design learning activities for students. Secondly, for students, it is an organizational tool, which helps them become mentally alert to organize thoughts and process information. Lastly, for administrators, it is a monitoring tool, which assists in keeping focused on student learning and achievement.Brenda Hudson, Greenville High School, Principal
  • Learning-Focused instructional strategies implementation has helped our special education and regular classroom teachers to begin working together as a more cohesive unit. They are now teaching for a common goal with the same high expectations for all. These strategies have certainly made a big difference in our special education students’ CRCT scores. Preview and acceleration strategies, especially, have served as a vehicle for special education teachers to move beyond remediation.Lori Garrett, Meriwether County Schools, Special Education Director
  • Implementing the Learning-Focused Schools Model K-12 in Meriwether County is an on-going process, a work in progress, but as we enter our fourth year we are realizing the tremendous benefits of teaching with a focus on increasing student learning. Our students live in rural, low socio-economic communities, our schools have high populations of minority and special education students, and our students come to us with great challenges in language and vocabulary development. Since we began designing our curriculum and teaching within the framework of Learning-Focused instructional strategies, we have seen our students make tremendous gains in learning as evidenced by their performance on state-mandated assessments. We share a common language for learning, and we are becoming more and more professional, reflective practitioners of both the art and the science of teaching. Our goal has changed, from aiming to teach what is required, to ensuring that all students learn to the greatest possible degree and at the highest possible level. Learning, not teaching, is the issue, and LFS has helped us effectively change our focus.Martha Ann Todd, Meriwether County Schools, Administrative Assistant to Superintendent
  • At the district level, the Learning-Focused Schools Model has forced us to think differently about the delivery of instruction. Prior to LFS, we were looking at teacher performance and not paying an awful lot of attention to student learning. Now, we are totally focused on student learning. Our teachers are planning for learning, and our test scores have out-paced the state for the first time ever. The Learning-Focused Schools Model has given us the model to achieve exemplary status.Thomas M. Richardson, Walton County Schools, Director of Curriculum and Instruction
  • We just started comparing the results of last year’s CRCT scores with this year’s results. It is amazing! I have attached a chart that shows you the dramatic results (click to see). The implementation of Learning-Focused Strategies and the unbelievable hard work of our wonderful staff have resulted in unprecedented improvement. It is so obvious that the collaboration between teachers and specialists and the sharing of content maps, key vocabulary, and LFS strategies make a huge difference in the learning process for our students. I am so proud and so thrilled for our students, our staff, and our community.EMary Ann Lasseter, Dowell Elementary School, Instructional Lead Teacher
  • I wanted to tell you that our Learning-Focused training was EXCELLENT! Our teachers are excited about the doors that this is going to open for them. We had 100% buy in and enthusiasm for the program. We almost can’t wait for school to start! Thanks again for allowing us as a private school to adopt this wonderful program. I plan to be the Learning-Focused model private school in our area!Albert LaBoy, Trinity Chapel Academy, Headmaster